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3 Simple PC Shortcuts

Three Simple Keyboard Shortcuts – Save time, lose the pain…

1) Ever have things go suddenly bad when you’re typing some entry on your PC? You may not even know why it happened. Either everything’s gone or it’s misplaced, and it looks like a lot of work needs to be redone. And it all happened in an instant!
Ctrl+z to the rescue! For most of the things we do (unfortunately, not all of them), you can hold down the Ctrl key while pressing the z key on your keyboard to undo the latest operation. Not only that, if you do another Ctrl+z, you’ll likely take it another step back.
Usually after one or two or a few of these life saving shortcuts, things will be back to normal.
[But don’t forget to do an occasional Save. Hey, another shortcut! Of course, Ctrl+s.]

2) Ever think you could save some time and typing if you could just use some of what’s already there?
Take a shortcut! Highlight the text you want to copy by holding down your mouse button while you ‘paint’ over it. When it’s highlighted, do a Ctrl+c for copy (or a Ctrl+x for a cut). Nothing seems to happen, but what you highlighted is now copied into your clipboard and it’s ready for pasting. Put your cursor wherever you want to put the stuff you copied, and to a Ctrl+v and it will be pasted there.

3) Ever want to get things going without all the mousing around? Lots of programs and applications use a few simple shortcuts.
Ctrl+o instead of File and then Open to open a file
Ctrl+s instead of File and then Save
Ctrl+b to bold whatever is highlighted
Ctrl+u to underline whatever is highlighted
Go ahead and play with them if you haven’t already used them.

BONUS: To quickly open your folders and files window (Windows Explorer), hold down the Flag key (between your left Ctrl key and Alt key) and click the letter e.


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