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Facebook Pages – Sometimes called Fan Pages or Business Pages

Small business owners/managers and hobbyists want to get out the news about their work. Some, who already have a Facebook account (the one you open when you first set up Facebook), start creating status updates about their business on that personal account. But there’s a better option and it’s not that hard to set up. It’s called a Facebook Page or just a Page.

When you create a website, you have control over its content and appearance including the layout. You design it for what you have in mind. It becomes an expression you or your business’s personal identity and the hub of your online activity. Facebook space is different. It’s not yours and it’s strictly limited to what Facebook provides for your layout. That’s why your Facebook looks like everybody elses. It’s part of the reason that, as a business, you need both a website and a Facebook account for a minimum digital presence.

To give users at least one option to help the business part of their account stand out from personal pages, Facebook has a second layout – the Facebook Page. It has some important advantages over your personal account alone. You create a “hover card” that shows your Page’s cover photo, profile photo, and Page type when someone hovers over your Page’s name anywhere in Facebook. You’ll have access to apps that you can use to extend Facebook’s capabilities, and you’ll also have some (limited but useful) metrics to learn something about activity on your Page.

In an upcoming video, I plan to share with you how to add a Facebook Page to your Facebook personal account.

Do you have questions about how a Facebook Page could work for your hobby or small business?

As always, your questions and comments are truly appreciated!!

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