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Facebook Lists

Are you missing posts that are important to you?  Do you sometimes have to scroll and scroll to get to them because of the fire hose of posts coming at you?  Facebook does the best it can, using its EdgeRank algorithm to show you what it thinks you want to see, but it doesn’t always give you what you really want.

Lists to the rescue!

When you create a list or add friends to a Facebook built-in Smart list, you can click it and see just the posts from people in that list and be sure you haven’t missed any posts from these important friends.  You take control!

If you’re not using Facebook lists yet, try this – From your Home view click “Family” under Friends in the left hand Navigation column.  In the upper right click Manage List, then Edit List from the drop-down.  Click the “On This List” button and choose Friends.  Now, click each friend that is one of your family members.  When done, click Finish.

Now, when you click Family in the left hand Navigation column, you see only posts from the people on that list.  When you click “Home” at the top, it will go back to showing you the normal Facebook post sequence.

You can add people to other lists in the same way, and you can add a new list by clicking “More” next to Friends in the left hand Navigation column, and then click the “+ Create List” button at the top.  Name the new list and click Create.  Your new list appears in the Navigation column and you can add members to it just like we did with the Family list.

Are there quicker/better ways of creating lists?  Are there other things you’d like us to touch on?  We welcome your comments!

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